★ About the Process ★

Our custom model process begins when you send us a quote request.

  1. We review your quote request, usually within two days, and either provide you with a price quote or contact you with a few more questions to help us accurately provide a quote.
  2. If you choose to move forward with the project, we discuss the project in-depth, to better understand your goals and ideas for the model. This can be done by phone or through email, whichever is most convenient for you. This early step is very important, as it will determine the main features of your model, such as color and display format. These features will be harder to change later in the process, so careful thought should be given at this point.
  3. The hard work on our end starts. We create a preliminary 3D design and provide you with a collection of computer rendered images to review. Adjustments are discussed and final details are hammered out. If thought necessary by our design staff or requested by you, additional design images will be provided before printing.
  4. 3D printing your model! Our experienced 3DS printers will add your project to our queue. Each print is unique and, in its own way, a work of craft and art. Projects usually take 4 to 6 weeks. Rushed turnaround is possible, but may require an additional fee if the timeline is extremely short.
  5. Payment and shipping. For all models, payment arrangements must be made before the model can be shipped.

    Average Model Costs: Most custom models range from $300 to $1500, depending on size, complexity and 3D printing teachnology/material used. Please fill out our Free Quote Request Form to receive a price quote specific to your project and goals.

    Shipping Costs: We ship via UPS and charge actual UPS rates.

    Handling Fee: Custom models often require special packing due to the fragile nature of the models. $40 each for the first model in a shipment and all models or model sections that are 10 inches and larger, and $20 each for additional cartons in an order when models are less than 10 inches.

    Payments: We accept purchase orders, direct payments by check, electronic funds transfers (additional $20.00 fee), Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    Production Schedule: Model design, production and shipping to the customer take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Your model may take longer based on the size, complexity of your model and the number of other models in queue. We accommodate rush orders when possible.

    International Orders: We are happy to accept international orders. Please note: Shipping from the US to other countries is very expensive. Depending on the size of your model and your location, shipping could cost as much or more than the model itself. In addition, your country may charge Customs duties, taxes, fees or other charges. We charge $40.00 to prepare the required export documents.

    ★★ Please let us know when your model arrives safely ★★, and contact us if there are shipping damages. While this is rare, we do insure both our plaster and nylon shipments against loss or damage. Be sure to keep all packaging materials if there is a problem, as the shipping companies occassionally want to inspect the packaging before honoring the insurance claim.

Note: We do not give or sell the rights to the digital files used to create or print our models. We are selling physical models, not digital designs, and the digital files created during any project remain the ownership of 3D Molecular Designs. We will not use or sell any design files created under Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and will keep them in a password-protected, off-network location.

For questions, comments, or additional information, contact Mark Hoelzer (mark.hoelzer@3dmoleculardesigns.com)

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