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  1. Molecular File Formats We can work with most major molecular visualization software and atomic coordinate file formats, including:

    Molecular Visualization Session Files such as Pymol (.pse), Chimera (.py), Visual Molecular Dynamics (.vmd) or Jmol (.jpg / .png).

    Standard Atomic Coordinate File such as Protein Databank (.pdb), Molfile (.mol), or XYZ File Format (.xyz).

    Small Molecule References such as Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (SMILES) Sequences, DrugBank references, and PubChem references.

  2. Molecular Display Formats We can create models in almost any display format available in molecular visualization software, including:
    Spacefill Format displays every atom as a sphere the diameter of its Van Der Waals radii
    Backbone Format displays only the alpha carbon of each amino acid, connected by a stick
    Ribbon/Cartoon Format displays the backbone of a protein as a smooth trace
    Surface Format displays the solvant accessible surface of a molecule
  3. Special Features We can include special features to help the model tell your unique molecular story, including:
    Embedded Magnets allow substrates, ligands or protein domains to be removable
    Text Labels allow key residues or domain names to be printed directly on the model
    Flexible Regions allow models to morph and unstructured regions to be represented
    Bases and Display Cases allow for a polished presentation
  4. Availble Materials We can create physical models using a variety of 3D printing technologies, including:
    Plaster: Lower cost and aesthetically beautiful, but more fragile - ideal for display cases and low use areas
    Nylon: Higher cost, but both aesthetically beautiful and extremely sturdy - ideal for all situations, and often required for large or complex "trophy" models
  5. Average Model Costs Most custom models range from $300 to $1500, depending on size, complexity and 3D printing teachnology/material used. Please fill out our Free Quote Request Form to receive a price quote specific to your project and goals.

Note: We do not give or sell the rights to the digital files used to create or print our models. We are selling physical models, not digital designs, and the digital files created during any project remain the ownership of 3D Molecular Designs. We will not use or sell any design files created under Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and will keep them in a password-protected, off-network location.

For questions, comments, or additional information, contact Mark Hoelzer (mark.hoelzer@3dmoleculardesigns.com)

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